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Located in both Denver, Colorado’s Nurture Wellness Marketplace and in Old Towne Arvada, the Moss North Therapy team offers a range of Healing services. Specialties include:

  • Amma Therapy: A unique massage modality centered around Traditional Chinese Massage including Fire Cupping, Gua Sha and Auricular Therapy  (New to Amma Therapy? Our Self Care Package is a great way to try new techniques!)

  • Female-Focused Massage: We offer Fertility Focused and Pregnancy, Postpartum Massage.


What to expect during your visit? Enchantment.

Book a Massage Session and prepare to be cozy! We’ve crafted the perfect restful atmosphere to help you find deep relaxation for your mind and body.

Imagine fairy lights hanging above... a heated table warmer supporting you from below... and plush linen wrapping you gently. Close your eyes and slip into a trance with music from Buddha Bar. Get a delicious taster now with their phenomenal Spotify playlists: CHILL or LOUNGE

Using essential oils, eye pillows, and mesmerizing music, we’ll help you stay present and support your journey to stress relief. Depending on your needs, your magical massage may include Fire Cupping, Gua Sha, or Red Light Therapy. We’ll end the massage by placing Ear Seeds firmly in an effort to continue reducing your stress levels for up to 1 week. Voila! 

Founded by Melissa Haile, Moss North Therapy was inspired by 2 concepts:

The first, is this beautiful midwife's stone called Moss Agate. A centuries-old, traditional stone for doulas and midwives, this stone may be used during childbirth to manage pain and provide strength in times of stress. Its steady energies provide a sense of stability and grounding by enhancing mental concentration, persistence and endurance.

The second concept is the forward moving direction, North. This direction represents earth, home, security and fertility.



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