Massage & Bodywork Magazine

In July/August of 2022, Melissa Haile, was featured in massage & bodywork magazine.

Shoutout Colorado

In March of 2021, Melissa Haile, was featured online by Shoutout Colorado. 


My Black Colorado

In 2021, Melissa Haile, was proud to be featured online by My Black Colorado. 


Exclusive Interview

In February of 2021, Founder, Melissa Haile, interviewed author, Debra Pascali Bonaro.

"I am honored to be interviewing my mentor, Debra Pascali Bonaro. Debra is a world-renowned inspirational speaker, filmmaker of the documentary film "Orgasmic Birth", doula trainer, childbirth educator, and author. Debra’s latest book, an Amazon #1 New Release, The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Baby: Secrets to Love and Intimacy. Listen as we discuss wisdom and advice on how to prepare for labor and postpartum from Debra and from me, a Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist who has been practicing for over twenty years." -Melissa Haile


Orgasmic Birth Podcast

In October 2023, Melissa and Debra got together once again to have a conversation about Prenatal Massage and Connecting to Goddess Archetypes on Debra's Orgasmic Birth Podcast.

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Voyage Denver

In October of 2020, Melissa Haile, Founder of of Moss North Therapy was featured in the February issue of Voyage Denver. In addition to the article feature, Melissa was Interviewed by the vibrant Amber Rose West of The Confidence Column!

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